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Announcement: Early Career Participants Admitted to the Summer Institute

May 29, 2024

TREES at the University of the Andes and the Institute for Inclusive Economies and Sustainable Livelihoods (IIESL) at the University of Toronto are thrilled to announce the 24 early-career participants admitted to the inaugural Summer Institute in Inclusive Economies for a Just and Sustainable Planet. For this first edition, we received over 160 applications! We are excited to welcome a remarkable mix of scholars, community researchers, and policymakers from both the Global North and South. This event will bring together 40 participants, including senior and early-career researchers and practitioners, to discuss and explore interdisciplinary approaches to fostering inclusive, equitable, and sustainable economic systems.

Transitioning towards a more just and sustainable planet requires innovative thinking, teaching, and research on economics and economic development policy. This four-day Summer Institute aims to advance interdisciplinary and policy-relevant research by cultivating an international collaborative network that brings together academics, policymakers, and community leaders from diverse disciplines. Our goal is to foster a global dialogue on promoting inclusive economies, grounded in Bogotá, Colombia, and to facilitate exchanges that bridge gaps between economics and other fields.

Themes & Participants

The participants are divided into four themes, each focusing on a specific aspect of inclusive economies:

  1. Architecture & Inequality: Repurposing Housing, Infrastructure, and Cities for Economic Inclusion
    • Senior Participants:
      • Sergio Montero (University of Toronto)
      • Gabu Heindl (University of Kassel)
      • Ramón Bermúdez (Universidad Nacional de Colombia)
      • Juanita Montoya (Universidad Nacional de Colombia)
      • Camilo Rey (Cartagena, Colombia)
    • Early Career Participants:
      • Samuel N. Agüero (Universidad de los Andes)
      • Alejandra Bonilla Mena (Penn State University)
      • Andrea Urbino Julio (Cornell University)
      • Felipe Suárez Giri (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)
      • Fernando Calderón-Figueroa (University of Toronto)
      • Thomas van Laake (University of Manchester)
  2. Nurturing the Commons: Place-based and Solidarity Approaches for a Just Planet
    • Senior Participants:
      • Juan Camilo Cárdenas (Universidad de los Andes)
      • Caroline Hossein (University of Toronto)
      • Paola Jirón (Consejo Nacional Desarrollo Territorial de Chile)
      • Rob Gillezeau (University of Toronto)
    • Early Career Participants:
      • Brigitte Castañeda Rodríguez (Universidad de los Andes)
      • Vanesa Arteaga Bernal (Community Researcher, Pasto)
      • Eduardo Erazo Acosta (Community Researcher, Pasto)
      • Carolina Castro (Universidad de los Andes)
      • Natalia Mosquera García (Universidad Externado)
      • Lazar Konforti (CIESAS Mexico)
      • Onyeka Obiocha (CTNext, USA)
  3. Measuring Inequality: Economic Exclusion as a Social Determinant of Health
    • Senior Participants:
      • Olga Lucía Sarmiento (Universidad de los Andes)
      • María José Álvarez-Rivadulla (Universidad de los Andes)
      • Diego Lucumí (Universidad de los Andes)
      • Lucy Molano (Urban Governance and Citizen Culture Expert)
    • Early Career Participants:
      • Sebastián León-Giraldo (Universidad de los Andes)
      • Neider G. Alegría Ruiz (Community Researcher, Cali)
      • Zoe Allison (University of Connecticut)
      • Gustavo A. Cedeño (Universidad de los Andes)
      • César Huaroto (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile)
      • Olinca Dessirée Páez Domínguez (Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía, Mexico)
  4. Feminist Approaches to Economics and the Care Economy
    • Senior Participants:
      • Ito Peng (University of Toronto)
      • Natalia Ramírez (Universidad de los Andes, Co-Founder Digna)
      • Diana Gómez (ExVice-minister of Women, Government of Colombia)
      • Diana Rodríguez (Interamerican Development Bank)
    • Early Career Participants:
      • Natalia Galvis Arias (University of Manchester)
      • Claudia Liceth Fajardo Hoyos (Universidad del Cauca)
      • Daniela Ugarte Villalobos (University of Toronto)
      • Kayla Alexandra Santos (University of Toronto)
      • Pelin Gul (University of Toronto)
      • Lara-Zuzan Golesorkhi (University of Portland)

Expected Outcomes

  • Short-term: Exchange of methods, training for early career scholars, city-to-city learning, and networking for future collaborations.
  • Medium-term: Development of a research and policy agenda on inclusive economies, potential creation of an International Doctoral Cluster, and discussions on publishing a special issue in a leading journal.

We are excited to welcome this diverse and talented group of participants to Bogotá for an enriching exchange of ideas and collaborative learning on building inclusive economies for a just and sustainable planet.

For more information and updates, please visit our website and follow us on social media @treesuniades.

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